About Us


I’m Mel.

I’m a Level 3 Personal Trainer, mother to a tween daughter and wife based in beautiful Bath, UK.

I decided to become a Personal Trainer when I was 43 whilst recovering from a knee injury and discovering strength training for myself. 

When looking for a strength class, both my then 11 year old daughter Lily and I could do together, I struggled to find anything close by. There were classes for mothers and babies/toddlers and then again classes or Gym memberships for girls 16 years and over but no classes for mothers and 11-15 year old girls.

This is when the idea of  FRIDA, me & i came to life.

Inspired by Lily and Frida Kahlo, a mexican artist know for her life story, mental strength and bright colours, I started FRIDA, me & i in May 2023 to encourage mothers and daughters to workout together, grow in confidence, support and motivate each other whilst having fun with movement and enjoy strength training.

Seeing mothers and daughters workout together is a real privilege. Every mother and daughter duo has their own connection, their own way to communicate with each other and their own reason to join my classes but spending time together and creating an inclusive community of confident women and girls is always at the heart of FRIDA, me & i.

On that note...have a great day & we will hopefully see you soon!

Mel & Lily x


FRIDA, me & i

What is FRIDA, me & i?

FRIDA, me & i classes are a mix of bodyweight and strength exercises mixed with a bit of Calisthenics, functional fitness and mobility training and most importantly lots of fun.

The classes are 45 minutes long and challenge both age groups but can be adapted to all levels of fitness.

Be ready to work upside down, on rings, bars and in all planes of the body.

FRIDA, me & i is all about body positivity, community, an all-female environment and having fun learning new skills together.

Why FRIDA, me & i?

Even though society and social media are changing and there are more and more female role models out there, women dealing with menopause symptoms and young girls in KS3/KS4 are statistically still either stopping physical activities altogether or trying to avoid them due to all sorts of reasons, e.g. change in body shape, hormones, growth spurts, anxiety, friendship issues, not wanting to train with boys or being coached by a male instructor; just to name a few.

Even nowadays Sport is still related to body shape.

It is changing but sadly, we are not there yet. Statements like: 'You don't look like runner,' or 'Have you lost weight, you look great!' are still common language.

This language is so ingrained in our society that it will take time and more female body positive role models to get to a point where comments are made about our strength, posture, confidence and our smile and we won't judge the strength or fitness of a women or young girl by their body shape.

It's time for CHANGE!

And I'm hopeful FRIDA, me & i can be part of the CHANGE!

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